Dr. Amanda Hoffpauir

Valley Veterinary Care

Valley Veterinary Care is True to their word.

When Valley Veterinary Care approached me, I had three concerns:
– Who will purchase my clinic when I am ready to retire?
– How can I move my bursting at the seams practice to a newer, more modern facility?
– How can I find new associates?

For years, my practice has been bursting at the seams. We were unable to add to our existing structure because it was landlocked and grandfathered with regards to modern codes and requirements. I wanted to build a larger, more modern facility but struggled to find reliable contractors to build the facility and veterinarians to staff the new facility. I couldn't even find anyone to join my associate and I at our existing facility.

Valley Vet contacted me and offered to partner with me on a new location and to facilitate locating and hiring associates. In addition, they paid me a fair market value for their portion of my practice, and I was able to retain partial ownership.

The transition from my old practice to partnership with Valley Veterinary Care was smooth and painless. They retained all of my team, and offered them the same or better pay and benefits compared to the package that I had for them before. The best part: I can sleep soundly knowing that if something happens to me, my practice will continue on and my team will have a great place to continue serving our community.

Thank you Valley Veterinary Care.
Amanda Hoffpauir, DVM

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